Fist bumps over handshakes.

Digital Design Studio from Berlin.

With over 10 years of experience in digital work, we help big corporates, small startups and non-profits alike to ideate, prototype, build and launch digital products with humans and business goals in mind.

Some things
we believe in.

Aside from peace, love & freedom

  • Iterative and user centered design

    Although we always get it right the first time, of couse.

  • Taming complexity

    It’s the next step after reducing to the max.

  • Design without strategy is just decorating

    Pretty + Useless =
    Pretty Useless

  • Client

    Means you are part of our cool tag team


We are your Project Owners and Process Princesses.

We coordinate multidisciplinary teams to deliver end-to-end business value. New Now helps you take those fights in the Planning Poker and keep projects on track.

  • 🤔 We Concept

    We provide strategic & creative direction and help you create a user-centric product and business alike.

  • 🖌 We Design

    We ideate, plan, prototype, build and launch digital products with human and business goals in mind.

  • 🤓 We Develop

    Full-Stack: Frontend, Backend, CMS, eCommerce Solutions, SaaS, Symfony, JS you know the deal.

About New Now

Our tight knit team consist of thinkers and tinkerers. We breathe agile and are deeply inspired by lean thinking. Build fast, Iterate, Succeed. Prepare for random team photos.

  • Stephan Junghanns

    Stephan Junghanns

    Founder & Head of UX
    Former Digital Design Lead at Magix AG

  • Martin Phillip

    Martin Philipp

    Lead Project Manager & Head of Online Marketing
    Former Head of 
e-Commerce at P & T

  • Peter Wachtel

    Peter Wachtel

    Project- & Feel Good Manager
    Former Process Manager at Deutsche Bahn

  • Kai Nicolaidis

    Kai Nicolaides

    Founder & Creative Director
Former Art Director at TLGG

  • Bernd Große Lordemann

    Bernd Große Lordemann

    Director Business Development
    Former Portfolio Manager at DCM

  • Hannes Löhrmann

    Hannes Löhrmann

    Head of Development
    Former Head of Development at evival