We design digital experiences

We provide Creative Direction, Product Design and Development for Companies and Agencies to create digital products, people actually want to use... or at least can’t live without afterwards (just like drugs).

Design and Branding

Design and Branding

We make products beausable (beautiful + usable) and your project look like a brand, not something you’re doing for two weeks.

User Experience and Prototyping

UX and Prototyping

You want your MVP live without 4 months of development? We’ll give you wireframes and produce a first prototype, before you even told us the idea.

Technology and Process

Technology and Process

We build things, talk to your clients, collaborate with your developers or help your business integrate design processes. Your job just got much easier.


Kai „I've got one more“ Nicolaides

What Stephan would say about Kai (when his mom is asking): „Working with Kai is the best experience one can make - If you are into 5-min-pre-deadline-flashes-of-genius and veryyyyy loud music“

Kai is a 28 year old designer and connoisseur of dirty jokes. With his 7+ years of experience in web-, interface- and motion design, he handled digital campaigns and products, advised clients and also memorized a ton of buzzwords along the way. He helped setting up design departments, recruited talents and coordinated design teams for digital agencies.

+49 (0) 174 7441019


Stephan „The Gesture“ Junghanns

What Kai would say about Stephan behind his back: „If you are sloppy or don‘t know what you are talking about, Stephan is a horrible person to work with, because he will call you out on your mistakes without hesitation.“

Stephan is a 30 year old full-time designer and even-more-full-time daddy with 7+ years of experience in concepting and designing websites and user interactions. He even had the pleasure to manage a design department of 15 people, overseeing execution on user experience as well as on development for both large and small scale e-commerce and software projects.

+49 (0) 160 97301261


Hannes „Huney Hundred“ Löhrmann

Hannes is a 31 year old web developer located at the sunny side of germany. Besides his 8+ years of experience in front and back-end developing with major open source systems and custom developments he is always scouting for new technologies to enhance both, customer and user usability.

For the past 3 years, he's been head of development at a design agency and in charge for high perfomance websites powered by cloud services and scalable systems.


Peter Peter Popokneter

Peter "Peti" Wachtel

Peter is a 26 year old project consultant and overall nice guy. He likes football (Go Werder!) and random yells in crowded spaces.

In his time before New Now, he worked in public transportation as a project manager. Yeah!


We believe in

Iterative and user centered design.

(although we always get it right the first time, of course)

Taming complexity.

(it´s the next step after reducing to the max)

Your UX is your branding.

(it better be f*#cking awesome)

Design without strategy is just decorating.

(pretty + useless = pretty useless)

Launch early. Launch often.

(you down with MVP - Yeah you know me)

Client. Partner.

(means: you are part of our cool tagteam)

We are currently available for new projects.

Let's get things done!

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