Fist Bumps over handshakes

New Now is a digital design studio based 
in Berlin. With over 10 years of experience in digital work, we help big companies, small startups, agencies and non-profits alike to ideate, prototype, build and launch digital products with humans and business goals in mind – Plus we are cool dudes.

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Our Focus

  • Digital Product Design

    We ideate, plan, prototype, build and launch digital products with humans and your business goals in mind.

  • Process & Project Ownership

    We coordinate people across multidisciplinary teams to help you meet your goals, take those fights in the Planning Poker and keep projects on track.

  • Full Stack Web Development

    Front-/Backend Development, CMS/E-Commerce-Development, SaaS, Cake, Javascript Frameworks you know the deal.

  • Mentorship & Consulting

    From rapid advice, creative direction, design due dilligence to technical stacks, we advice and help you innovate and move in the right direction.

Prepare for random team photos and subtle statements.

Let's do hot digital magic in the realm of Idontgiveafuckistan.

Stephan Junghanns – Founder & Head of UX. Former Digital Design Lead @ Magix AG

Oh, that's a great idea. But what about...

Kai Nicolaides – Founder & Creative Director. Former Art Director @ TLGG

My last name means quail in german... that’s the fat bird.

Peter Wachtel – Project Manager & Feel Good Manager. Former Process Manager @ DB

Stop chatting me up, I want to be alone with my excel sheets.

Martin Philipp – Lead Project Manager & Head of Online Marketing. Former Head of e-Commerce @ P&T

Gimme a second, I gotta search for that Reaction Gif.

Hannes Loehrmann – Head of Development. Former Head of Development @ evival

Your mama is disruptive.

Bernd Große Lordemann – Director Business Development, 
Former Portfolio Manager at DCM